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February 12, 2009

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BrookandLyn and I were tagged at the same time by the fabulous 2 Describe my wardrobe staples:  Jeans, great shoes, boots, jackets, thrift store T's. 3 What's your signature look?  I sound like a broken record–but jeans, great shoes, novelty jacket.  I love this look from  4 Whose your fashion muse?  Daughter Jane of course… And I love Kelly Wearstler…. 5 Favorite purchase of all time:  Probably my Christopher Ross dragon belt or any of my Christopher Ross belts. 6…

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Margiela Jacket

February 12, 2009 By

I love this Margiela jacket– I especially like to wear it with my Christopher Ross Dragon belt… The shoulders on the jacket are amazing–I can't remember what collection this…

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