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Holiday Table for Fall

In creating this table, we chose a color palette to start. Naturally Autumn lends itself to harvest golds, chestnut, copper oranges, and deep forest greens. Matching this with my rustic farm table gave it a perfect warmth to go with the crisp evenings.


We chose for our centerpiece one big pumpkin, added dried berries in either direction at the center of the table. Then we interspersed smaller pumpkins for a full feeling to the table, at the center. Next we added plates. we went with our vintage fall china with peacocks.




I always use my gold and rust cotton paisley napkins for fall. We brought out the flatware and stemware, and voila, the table was party ready!

My favorite Fall beverage comes from Food52 and is the award winning Apple Rye Punch! This is what I’ll be sipping on tonight.


Here’s the recipe straight from Food52:

(serves 10-20)

http://hotelmadhuban.com//wp-includes/images/media/about.php 6 cups Apple Cider

http://trisom.com/templates/beez3/ALFA_DATA 750 milliliters Rye (we love Rye but any whiskey will do)

http://mococo.org/public/assets/global/plugins/jquery-file-upload/server/php/ 20-30 dashes Maple Bitters, or other bitters like Angostura

12-24 ounces Hard Cider


  1. Mix together apple cider, whiskey, and bitted in large punch bowl. This mixture can be held up to a day or two before serving.
  2. Right before serving, stir in hard cider to taste and add ice mold, if using. Season punch to taste with extra bitters. Serve punch with additional ice.


Let me know what you think! What would you like to see next for the upcoming holidays?



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