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Thrifting Start to Finish: Pine Table + Fitz & Floyd Finds



Saturday I found myself with a few free hours and you know what that means: Thrifting. Bryan accompanied me, being the trooper that he is! I headed to one of my perennial favorites, City Square Thrift.

Right off the bat, I scored this huge set of Fitz & Floyd cabbage hand painted plates.


I also found a perfectly worn cement garden angel! She’s a keeper.


Next stop was my favorite place: Ross At Peak Thrift Store. It’s a revolving door of great finds. Sure, some days I don’t find anything, but other days I have to take two trips to bring everything home! It’s a hodge-podge of a little bit of everything.


Upon arrival, I spied an antique pine table. I nearly jumped out of the moving vehicle! Obviously, that came home with me.


Laziness dictated this design scheme as the table never made it past the entry way.



I had no space on my shelves so I decided to pop the plates up on the wall. Besides, that tapestry had been up on that wall for nearly 4 months, and that’s like seven years in this house.


I tossed in a couple other pieces from around the house (Judy Design Rule #412: when in doubt, add skulls).



I am really happy with this calm space that I’ve created where I can sit down  to reflect or do more eBay shopping.

Happy thrifting!