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An Office Of My Own

buy cheap modafinil australia IMG_0841 When I moved back to my house in 2012 from the townhouse, I had a dream of turning Jane’s old room into a home office. This week, amidst another round of summer cleaning, I sat down with some old magazines and cut up some of my favorite pictures, and like a girl creating the room of her dreams, tacked pictures to the white walls and made a room I now love to work in.


I was super excited that four years later I finally got my wish of creating my dream office. I am now surrounded by all of my favorite things. From fashion campaigns, books, and beads to beautiful rugs, plants, and prints, I feel so inspired here.




I now have a workspace that is so cozy yet completely eclectic. My 1963 Saarinen set makes the perfect partners desk. Two cozy down-filled chairs flank the corners for a space to ponder and reflect and really let my mind run free.



One painting in this room has a wonderful saying that’s slowly becoming my mantra, “as you pass by leave flowers.” I love that!!


The fireplace was a great flea market find and loading it full of wood evoked the feeling of sitting in front of a fire on a crisp fall afternoon, despite the fact that it’s summer. Stagey, I know, but I am a visual person!


Before I sat down and thought up what I wanted for this room, I took to Pinterest to search for inspiration. You can check out my inspiration for the eclectic gallery wall here.


I love having the painting that Mel Remmers did of Jane. Check out her Instagram at @melremmers for more wonderful paintings.


One of my favorite things about this office re-do, was the chance to dive into the sleeves of 60s and 70s prints that I’ve had tucked away forever. Framing be damned!! I took out my Mounting Putty from Office Depot and tacked the paintings up without harming them or my walls all while satisfying my need of instant gratification.


Now that it’s finished, I look forward to creating wonderful memories and tackling projects in my new office that feels like home.