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850 Square Foot Makeover

Damāvand I never pass up a chance to makeover a space. When Carol told me she was moving out of her World War II apartment, I jumped at the opportunity to do an 850 sq. foot makeover.  After my first trip to the thrift store, a theme was apparent: Cozy 80s Aspen Cabin. When all was said and done, after a little trial and error while battling the glare of plexi-glass, I was so pleased with the results!!

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The tone was set and locked when I found this collection of Jack Silverman Navajo Rug prints from the 70s and 80s at the Salvation Army. They brought a beautiful neutral palate and earthy tones to the space.


Next came a perfect pair of 80s cream colored slipper chairs from Genesis Benefit Thrift Store.


Immediately, my mind flashed to the 1977 TV series “Aspen” starring Sam Elliot. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece- check it out!! It is packed with great design from the late 70s.


I covered the slipper chairs in Moroccan wedding blankets and throws with berber pillows from Jennifer of @fleamarketfab. I also layered up a collection of thrifted rugs and an old Navajo that I’ve had forever on the wood floors for warmth.


I, then, created an intimate dining space with Carol’s walnut mid-century table and my Saarinen chairs. The finishing touches were books, plants, baskets, and knick knacks throughout the apartment for coziness.


The one continuous theme that I stayed true to was a neutral palate with a lot of texture and prints that were so prevalent in the late 70s and early 80s.




I layered the bedroom with antique linens and pillows. The macramé hangings really completed that late 70s look.



One of my favorite aspects of this makeover was being able to pull out one of my favorite paintings that has been on loan to Carol for the past year. This larger-than-life cat painting may have been a serious attempt but it translates into wonderful pop art. The textures and colors were perfect and it added a great sense of whimsy to this cozy space.




Check out the Pinterest board I created for the inspiration of this look!! Now, what to makeover next??



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