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Days of Our Living Room’s Life

Mexborough I love my home, but I get bored with one look very quickly. I firmly believe that no one should get stuck in a rut with their home, since it’s so easy to change up the look. Even just changing around the furniture you already have, moving your art and mirrors around, adding plants to your home, or adding pillows and throws can drastically change the look of your home. One of my favorite tricks is to cover the sofa with table cloths, quilts, or rugs for a layered look. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to radically update your room.  I wanted to make a master post of the different looks my living room has had, so here are some of my favorite looks from this last year!!

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After my initial trip to Antigua, Guatemala, I became completely infatuated with Guatemalan textiles. I bring them back in loads. They’re so full of whimsy and texture that they add life to any room.


This was a few days of in a neutral palate. I really don’t keep it this way often enough. It’s one of my favorites!


Peacock chairs are one of my staples of styling. I have a pair of them and they look great anywhere.


I have a large collection of Mexican Folk Art and I love to feature it throughout my home.



My entry way is a revolving door for looks. It’s a really cool enclave and I enjoy creating little vignettes here.


These are all vintage Mexican pieces. These are my Tonala Cats and a Mexican Brutalist mirror.


This is one of the ways I best utilize my vast collection of crocheted tablecloths- as couch coverings. They are surprisingly durable and pet friendly. When I get overwhelmed, I like to bring out these natural colored coverings to make my space more zen.


These tablecloths also are great at creating an entrance.

Next time you find yourself in a living room rut, don’t be afraid to rummage through linen closets, pull out blankets, and shake up your space. Cover it up, move it around, green it up, or whatever strikes your fancy. Make your living room the place you want to be.