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Mid Summer’s Day Clean

Summer, to me, has always been about having the girls home from school, all to myself for a couple months, where we could go on adventures, sleep in, cook up recipes, and just play. So when the end of summer came, and the girls went back to school, I would take a week or two and organize my home for the fall. With the girls grown now, I still find myself in the summers taking a week to declutter, donate, and clean my home. Some people swear by spring cleaning, but I find there’s nothing better than up-keeping my little tradition.

This year, I started my organization by going through my closet. With a fresh eye and a glass of iced tea, I parted ways with many pairs of shoes, shirts I couldn’t remember the last time I wore, and old sweaters. I took an afternoon and reorganized my shoe closet, dusted off wedges I forgot I had, and swore to all the pairs I kept that I’d take them out more often.


Next, I moved to my jewelry and belt collection. I went out and bought cute little dividers and boxes from The Container Store and Target to put them in. I have to reinvent my storage situation every year or so due to my hoarding tendencies! I try to make the most of my space by using the hutches in my living room to house the jewelry and belts.


These dividers let me see what I have to work with on any given morning. I like to separate bracelets, necklaces, belt buckles, and pendants into different boxes so I can accessorize in a rush, if I need to.


I love tucking away my pretty pieces in large drawers in the main area so that my bathroom can stay a bit tidier!


Lastly, this summer organization gives me a chance to revisit and remember the beautiful things that I’ve collected over the years, especially my pieces of Christopher Ross and Hanna Bernhard.  Plus, it gives me a boost of creativity to use the things I tucked away last summer!